Welcome to Lazy Sundays!

I’m a twenty-something mom of two who’s currently preoccupied with my wife slash mommy slash businesswoman duties plus trying to live a life in between. I have a deep appreciation for all things French and English and would not say no to a good cup of coffee and a platter of cheese.

I started blogging in 2006 but took a break in 2012 to focus on my life as a family woman and running a family business.

Five years later and still much of a dreamer as I once was, I created Lazy Sundays to rekindle my relationship with my first love: writing. This time around though I choose to remain anonymous as there are certain aspects of my life I wish not to associate with this blog.

So what’s Lazy Sundays all about?

Lazy Sundays is a lifestyle blog dedicated to covering various topics of my personal life: from growing up, to marriage, motherhood, self-discovery, and maybe a dash of travel here and there.

I am in the process of learning how to manage my time so I only publish posts on weekends, Sundays to be exact, hence the name. I write to my heart’s content so everything I wish to share with you are laid out on this online screen of electronic words and pictures just for you.

You are very much welcome to check in once in a while until I – hopefully – figure things out… one weekend at a time.

Till then,

xx, The Lazy Blogger